"A collection of documents exposing the truth about the Venusian Arts" -The 14 Words
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The truth behind the Venusian Arts. VA 360 emails.

These are all the emails I received whilst I was a coach on the Venusian Arts coaching program. These emails enabled Shaun Michael Adams official receiver to sucessfully get him to pay 6,000 to 7,000 a month to his creditors. Without it he most likely would have been able to evade payment.

1 2nd May 2010 to 19th May 2010 (when I was contempating becoming a coach and when I signed up to the program)

2 19th May 2010 to 25th October 2010 (after joining and preparation for the Las Vegas program)

3 27th October 2010 to 30th November 2010 (Vegas Coaching Program other coaches details and internal conversation)

4 1st December 2010 to 28th December 2010 (More Internal Conversations)

5 28th December 2011 to 8th January 2011 (More Internal Conversations)

6 10th January 2011 to 12th January 2011 (More Internal Conversations)

7 8th April 2011 to 27th April 2011 (Discovery's Threats to me, page 20 and his urging student to FAKE infield material page 14)

8 5th September 2011 to 10 April 2012 (Legal Threats Please see the tab "Lovedrop's Legal Threats", Correspondence with BBC (both of which amounted to nothing)

9 Drugs email - an email where Discovery instructs coaches they shouldn't do drugs infront of the students. But he states it is a perfectly acceptable practice to do in their own space.

13th January to the 16th January 2011 My aplogies for the duplication - it's hard to collate these emails and get the highlights.
This set containts the drugs emails again and some coaches responses.

19th January 2011 to 26th January 2011 A set of minutes from a recent coach discussion - Not very interesting unless you want to see what you get on the coaching program.